Transcontinental Family Photos

I was contacted a couple months ago to help a client in New Jersey with a special family photo.
One part of the family was here in Arizona, the other part in New Jersey. 
I took a group shot of the Arizona family members.

And the other photographer Allan Reider took photos of the New Jersey family members.

Allan took a stab at combining the images in the composite below. 

When I worked on the composite below, I warmed up the skin tone of the family members from Mr. Reider's shoot, edited out the backgrounds, placed them as if they were sitting in the original group shot and added shadows to help them blend as well. Considering where the chair seats would have been, I positioned the additional individuals accordingly. I removed the shine from direct lighting and scaled them to fit. I also had to consider where the dog would have been positioned in respect to the seated family members. I noticed that there would be a discrepancy in the little girl's dress so I used another photo from that shoot to fill it in. Over all I think this was a good collaborative work. I would have preferred for the other photographer to use the same backdrop and lighting pattern as discussed in a phone conversation prior to my shoot. I am not certain I will work on another collaborative project again, but we shall see. 

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