Bad Dreams and Senior Sessions

I had a nightmare that I scheduled a senior session for the same time that my mother had scheduled a newborn shoot. We were both using the same in- home studio. I was frustrated because she didn't communicate that she was going to use the studio, because she was doing a free shoot for a friend. My client showed up but I didn't know he and his parents arrived until I heard extra voices coming from the studio.

I know this was nightmare because:
1) I don't have a studio in my house.
2) I wouldn't do a senior shoot in a studio.

No need to stress because this wouldn't happen, ever. Seriously though, I would never stand for a senior session that was so uninspired as to take place in front of a boring paper-backdrop.
Each high school Senior has a unique personality and their photo session is not just a picture of them in a cap and gown for their graduation invitations,  but a way to showcase who they have become and where they want to go.

Here are some of my favorite High School Senior photos from the past few years.

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Danielle Bright