The Phoenix Comicon Photo Post!!!

I have spent this whole week after Phoenix Comicon culling through images and editing them, as well as adding so much metadata (that is all the key words that people search for to find the image). 

Here was my weekend in a nutshell. First Gail and Adam had an amazing Doctor Who themed wedding. It was the first of several weddings to take place for the first time at Phoenix Comicon.  I really hope that we get to do more weddings at the convention in the following years.

I got the chance to take photos of the amazingly talented, and I'm not going to lie, very attractive Mark Pellegrino. I have seen him in Being Human, Tomorrow People, Supernatural, Quantico, Revolution, Dexter and Lost.  
Look at that smile.   So you can see why I had my first real Fan Girl experience when he liked one of my Twitter posts that I tagged him in.

Mark brought his beautiful wife and adorable dogs, which he affectionately called his Hell Hounds.

 I don't even remember what he was shooting the bird to. It may have had something to do with politics. Will have to look into the Capitalist Party . 

I am behind on Supernatural, but apparently there was a body swap between Mark's character Lucifer and Misha Collin's character Castiel (an angel). When asked to do an impression of what he thought Castiel would do in Lucifer's body, this was the reaction. Because angels don't have genitalia? I don't know, but it was funny. 

Aww, Mark, we love you too! <3 another="" back="" can="" come="" comicon="" even="" fan="" fest="" hopefully="" hot="" isn="" it="" or="" outside.="" p="" phoenix="" so="" t="" to="" when="" you="">

Mark's fur-baby Johnny came on stage for snuggles at the end. You can see Mark is wearing two wrist bands. I did some searching through all my images and the internet and found links for both of them. 
The first is a movie and the second is an organization. Both are geared toward Suicide Prevention.
He didn't talk about either of them at the panel, but he has talked about them on his Twitter page.  

The cosplays this year were awesome. At the end of the escalator stands a man dressed as Kip from Napoleon Dynamite holding a sign, "La Fawnduh."

With the recent deaths of David Bowie and Prince, it was not surprising to see people dressed as their favorite music stars.

This group of friends are all characters from Homestuck, a MS Paint series that is very long and apparently if you follow it to the end, you come out like this, ha ha. 

This amazing lady didn't let her faith keep her from cosplaying a Disney Princess. 
I loved her version!

So, there is this anime about a volleyball team called Haikyū!!
I had to look it up, but I think it is cool that these friends got together to dress up.
#crewgoals ...I need to find me a crew now.

Many photographers took the weekend as an opportunity to build their portfolios, meet new models and cosplayers and ear a bit of money to spend in the exhibitor hall. This guy didn't have a business card, which is a shame, but he is photographing a girl dressed as Donald Duck from the video game Kingdom Hearts.

Mario in a turban is flippin' awesome! 
There really isn't much more to say about that.

Saturday morning won't be the same without Doug and his super hero self Quail Man!

This baby is cosplaying before it is even born! BaBy 8 is so adorable!

Compliment dueling with Madame Askew was ridiculously entertaining.

My aboslute favorite event at Phoenix Comicon is the Phoenix Ultimate Geek Smackdown (P.U.G.S)
Here, contestants debate on multiple geeky topics and the results are very entertaining.  The master of ceremonies is one of my favorite people in the valley, Jeff Moriarty.

What kind of Doctor Who fan would I be if I didn't get at least one photo of a cosplayer as my favorite incarnation. In this case I got 2! Lucky me!

Multiple radio stations were represented at the event. Here is the 93.3 Alt*AZ group. I picked up some sunglasses from their table.

My friends Janeal and Barry dress up with their family every year for Halloween at Disney Land. I was so glad to see them in the crowd this year.

Look it is Jeff Moriarty again with his wifey as Rick and Morty!

This year we extended comicon to Adams St. just south of the Hyatt. There were food trucks, booths and live bands. My hope is that we can get Bear Ghost to come play some of their fun and geeky songs here in the future.

My kids would have been mad at me if I didn't capture at least one image of a Weeping Angel. Here she is with the 11th Doctor and the Empty Child.

Here is one of the most intricate and beautiful costumes at Comicon. It is Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, transforming into a dragon. Absolutely stunning!

The Phoenix Society for Historical Swordsmanship showed us how movies try but don't quite get sword fighting right. Note: Don't do this at home, these guys are professionals!

This lucky girl also got the chance to take photos of the super talented Timothy Omundson!
I followed him in Psych, Supernatural and I still need to catch up with Galavant. Everyone is quite upset about that last one getting cancelled. 

This youngster asked, "How do you keep your beard so luxurious?"

Timothy replied, "I like the cut of your jib! My secret is that I don't cut it!"

Throughout his spotlight panel, Mr. Omundson kept taking off and putting back on his glasses. To me it seemed that he couldn't decide whether he wanted to be Clark Kent or Superman, ha ha!

One attendee told Timothy that it was his birthday, so of course everyone in attendance had to sing, "Happy Birthday." 

When asked about Psych co-star Dulé Hill's tap dancing, Timothy said it was constant, between takes, for years. At first it was novel, after that, not so much, ha ha. 

This kid in front of me on the escalator just decided to sit down, right there! I had to get a photo of it, because it was so cool! So, there you go. Cool kid sitting on an escalator. 

This group of clever ladies dressed up as Playboy Bunny versions of Disney characters! I have talked to a few of them and another photographer friend to set up a time to do a fun photo shoot of them and other girls dressed as bunny versions of other characters. Love it!

Over all my Comicon experience as pretty good. I captured some great shots, made some contacts and had my first real Fan Girl experience. 

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