The Zombie Engagement Shoot: Brandi + Derek

The bride-to-be, Brandi, used to babysit my children. So when she said she was engaged, I offered my services. I knew the shoot would be fun as soon as she said zombies, but I had no idea it would be this awesome.

The groom-to-be, Derek, worked seasonally at the local Fear Farm, Halloween corn maze and haunted houses. He had friends that were willing to participate to make this shoot pretty awesome with costumes and make-up. I knew this would be a large production so I enlisted the help of my friend Shaun. Best decision ever!

I had to talk them into a few more classic poses as their parent's weren't thrilled with the zombie idea. That evening, we had limited resources. The power was out at the vendors, so I had to use Photoshop to make the lights illuminate. I also sprinkled a few stars in the sky.

Our couple enters the haunted house, where the Derek protects Brandi from a madman. Is that a zombie in the doorway?

Trying to escape the zombies, Derek gets bitten!

In the cemetery, Brandy notices the bite on Derek's arm, but it is too late!
Death means cool blue tones!

Zombie Derek finds the perfect ring for his zombie bride on the hand of a conveniently hiding (and not very well) victim, under a church pew!

Sweet and creepy all in one shot. Love it!

This cute zombie couple shares a moment in an abandoned Spanish chapel.

They are dying to get married.