Seattle Summer 2012

We just got back from Seattle, WA. Amelia did great sleeping through the MRI. Just 2 days before her 1st birthday!


We visited Curtis's missionary trainer out on Vashon Island. He took us to see the Bicycle in the Tree. A bicycle was left in a little sapling which grew around the bike.

There is a local burger shop on the island where they grind their own meat and have fresh cut fries. Can you guess what the theme of the place is?


 Even the menu is zombie themed!

We couldn't leave without buying a couple zombie hunting permits.

Check out this fun little zombie themed bowling toy set.

We went for a walk around the town and found this.

And this fun bench.

 I have never seen a jellyfish in the wild before, 
there were lots of these little guys playing around the ferry.

Amelia is looking at our plane back to the Valley.  
We were all bummed to leave the nice cool weather.