Cute Girl + Nerdy Scarf = Winning Photo!

Sometimes, when I am not taking photos or volunteering, I fill my time with making stuff, like this super cool Doctor Who scarf. I originally made it for my youngest daughter to wear for her birthday photos. A friend saw it and commissioned me to make another as a Christmas gift this year. I have been taking product photos for my clients for years now, I hadn't thought that my side hobby may be a money maker as well. 

So, I asked my kid's babysitter if she would model for me, that way if I do end up opening up an Etsy page, I have decent photos to add to it. 

She took directions like a champ! I was lucky that some of the trees in the desert still had their Autumn leaves. Over all, I would say the shoot yesterday was a success!

Say Cheese?

My youngest has a little camera and is walking around saying, "Say cheese!", and it made me think, why? If someone didn't understand the reasoning behind this request, it would seem quite odd.

The purpose is to make the subject, assuming they speak English and are able to speak, make the "E" sound, and thus turning their mouth into shape resembling a smile.

I have a few other words I use to get clients to make this face. They are, in no particular order:

  1. Mommy
  2. Daddy
  3. Cookie
  4. Puppy
  5. Kitty
  6. Poopy
  7. Papaya
Number 6 is a popular one among little boys. Number 7 makes adults smile just because it is unexpected. 

So, the desired effect is a smile, but unfortunately it can also result in what my family calls the "Chicken Run" face.

I have learned that "cheese" doesn't translate well in Spanish, but the result is humorous enough to get Hispanic clients to crack a smile. "Say queso!"

I recently did what could be called "marathon" portrait sessions at a church nativity event, where families were lined up for a free photo with a pretty backdrop.

I had to get complete strangers to quickly pose and smile for a photo, which means I had to create an instant rapport. I can say it takes a very specific set of skills which have been developed over the years to successfully take photos in this manner of individuals with a variety of personalities.

It takes a lot of energy for me to step into the role of confident, extroverted professional photographer. It is just a facet of multi-dimensional me. :-)

Anyway, back to cheese. Where did this begin? Why cheese and not peas? What do photographers in other countries say to get their clients to pull a smile? Probably not queso.

Photo credit - PetaPixelRotten TomatoesBright Photography

It's the Most wonderful time of the year!

Halloween is a time to be creative, become someone else, celebrate the lives of our loved ones past, and officially celebrate the end of Summer. I have always felt like I didn't fit in, but on Halloween, it doesn't matter because everyone is odd on that day. My way of thinking and creating images is outside the lines, but it is my process and I love it. Here are the blog links to some of my favorite oddities:

Zombie Engagement Shoot.
Pet Funeral

I hope to add a couple more Candy Zombies to my list as well so my daughter's image isn't all alone.

This is what children become the morning after some serious Trick-or-Treating.

These photos won't be see on my Bright Photography Facebook Fan Page but they will be seen on my new fan page for fun and creative projects Janus Roscuro Facebook Fan Page.

Have a safe and happy Halloween/ Samhain/ Dia de los Muertos!

Why so serious?

So, back when the camera was first invented and people started having their photo taken, they had to stay very still and didn't smile.

This is an old family photo, I can't remember who all is there, but you can see that it is kind of a theme. The reason they did this was due to a mechanism that is still in cameras today. That part of the camera that makes the "click" sound is the shutter. It is the part that opens and closes really quick to let light (the photo part of photography) into the camera. Anyway back then the shutter was not automatic and the plate with the light sensitive chemicals on it (no film yet) needed to be exposed for 3 seconds at least.

I took this photo of my hubby a couple years ago just for fun. This is what happens if you move with the shutter open, you get a blur. So of course most photos from the early 1900's have lots of somber faces. 

Well, I just found some Victorian Era photos online of people who were not afraid to crack a silly smile for the camera. These are my favorites found at Vintage Everyday. They are part of a family collection held at Northumberland Archives.

Don't be afraid to be yourself for the camera. Be silly, you know I will be silly behind the camera.

Persistent Proselyting (a comedy)

My cousin Jarom is going on a church mission, and so as part of his photo shoot, we decided to have a little fun at the barber shop.

While it seems like a good idea to engage a captive audience, it is not wise to do so when that person is wielding a sharp utensil. 

What scriptures could he possibly be sharing at the Barber Shop?

This is all just poking fun at those Elders who get so fired up that they forget to take a moment to breath. 

This barber is having trouble even reading the small print. I guess Elder Hawkins had better highlight the verses next time.