Tickled Pink!

So we took out a loan and the company called us as a reminder to come in and make a payment. One minute later the same girl calls me to schedule a family photo session! ROFL I love my job!

On another note. I will not be doing the 365 project any more. I keep falling behind, maybe next year I will do a 52 project, :-) I will be updating this blog to reflect the change.

I think I can, I think I can

This 365 thing is difficult. I need to try taking the photos during the day and not right before bed.

Awesome News Alert!
My current Art Institute class requires me to take many photos. I had to come up with 4 themes. I figured that since I live right by the Goodyear Ballpark that hosts the Reds and Indians in Spring Training and a small airport, that I should at least ask if I can do photos at those locations. I am stoked to announce that I have permission from both locations and the ball park is going to ask the team reps if I can get a media pass to take photos of the players!

Elopement Wedding Reception

Today I photographed a wedding reception for a friend who eloped in November.
The whole situation was a little odd. I did not know that people who eloped had receptions.
I was under the impression that people who elope don't want the big party.

Sometimes they just fall into my lap!

While at Chick-fil-A this morning, I socialized with a gentleman who was also there with his little boy. I say also because I had my younger 2 with  me. He saw my camera and after talking a bit about photography and showing him some of my work he asked me to do head shots for him. (Way cool!) When I got back home I checked my Facebook Fan Page. I had a new message on my wall from a DJ/MC who happens to be a member of my new ward. I have not met many people yet, so the fact that someone has looked up my work and contacted me is pretty awesome. He said he wants to network with me and will see if the wedding he is doing needs a photographer. I must be doing something right to have these good things happen.

Free Breakfast!

Today I tried the new Spicy Chicken Biscuit for FREE! They are running a promotion to let people know about their newest product by offering the Spicy Chicken Biscuit to those who make a reservation online and print the coupon. This new breakfast item will be available for purchase in a couple days. I enjoyed it, and if anyone wants something spicy for breakfast, it is a win for sure.