Q&A - What do you value in photography?

I asked a handful of you what you value in photography. Here are your answers. Thank you for your participation.
  • Lighting
  • Composition
  • Reasonable price
  • High quality images
  • Style
  • Photographer’s ability to direct a shoot
  • Willingness to listen and implement client’s wishes
  • Ability to catch special moments
  • Lively images
  • Quality of the images
  • Quick time it takes to receive said images
  • Punctuality
  • Creativity
  • Compatible personality / quick to build a rapport
  • Convey a story and do justice to their subject by setting a mood and depicting true character, whether it's the character of their subject or their opinion.
  • Friendly
  • Edited well
  • Individuals in image look good
Are there any they missed? What do you value in photography? Please leave your answer in the comments.