Adults eating like Babies!

Babies enjoy food more than adults because they don't have to worry about propriety. Sometimes it is good to get messy. I am so grateful for all of the awesome volunteers who came out for this messy and super fun shoot!
Aaron is a High School English teacher.
Lindsay is a circus performer.
Mike is a costumer.
Mikayla is a High School graduate
Remy is a model. 

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  1. LOL WOW! Reminds me of a childhood memory... Us kids couldn't decide what cereal to agree upon in the grocery store as children we got down on the ground and through a fit. My dad as a single parent fathering 3 children, then got down on the floor and decided to through a fit just as we did. LOL Didn't take but a second for us to easily pic dads favorite cereal as we jumped to our feet. Sometimes we all need to be a kid, to stay young but also to prove points. LOL ! :)