Happy Dance!

I got a new camera! Woohoo! I am so excited! It is the Nikon D7000 and it is fabulous! I can't wait to play with it. My husband is amazing for getting me the upgrade. Oh, and he also got me a 5-in-1 reflector set and a new flash. Thank you Curtis, you are the best!

Blood Lead

My Doc told me to go get my blood drawn first thing in the morning. So, after getting the kids to school I went to get poked. My phlebotomist was amazing! With 4 C-sections, I have been poked many times, but this is the first time in my life that I didn't feel the needle! Of course I had to give her my card. I mentioned that my session is only $60 and includes the CD and she got really excited. (At this point I should have looked at her name badge to get her name, but I had not eaten breakfast yet so I was too hungry to use my brain). This magical phlebotomist described to me her vision of the classic cowboy pose with her family hanging onto the corral. I would love the opportunity to get that shot!

In queue for editing, I have an engagement and a newborn shoot. This week I have a HS senior and a family for sure. I may be picking up another newborn on Friday, but the mom has not gotten back to me yet.

Next Saturday I have a wedding. I am so excited! I will post more details about that later.

Good News and Bad News...

 Bad news... my great-aunt passed away unexpectedly. She was such an amazingly talented artist and super sweet. It saddens the family that she snuffed out her candle too soon.   Good news, I get to do a military baby newborn session tomorrow. It all makes me reflect on life in all its phases. This is why I do photography, to capture the best moments to cherish.

Here is my Aunt Dee Dee's first painting. She had a knack for seeing the beautiful in everything.

Today, the terrible happened...

I realized that I accidentally double-booked a quinceanera and a wedding on the same day at the same time. I have been praying hard on this one. The bride had a garage sale to afford wedding photos has been through a hand full of photographers and sought  me out. The quinceanera was booked first and is a referral from a friend. Either way I choose, someone is not going to be happy with me. This is an industry faux pas, and I have been kicking myself over it. I make it a goal of mine to never leave a client stranded. If I cannot provide services for any reason, I make sure someone can. Right now I am searching for a photographer that does work comparable to my own, that I can trust to provide great customer service and will do the shoot for the price I have quoted.

Here and now, I vow to never, ever, EVER let this happen again. My clients deserve better and I don't need the added stress.