Sugar Addict

For this series, I wanted to look into addictions. My father passed away 5 years ago with hardened arteries due to chronic alcoholism. I have had other family members and friends who have faced and beat addictions to harmful substances like marijuana, prescribed pain killers or cigarettes. Dietitians now say that America's expanding waistlines are due to sugar addictions. I wanted to share some images that express our need to fill a void in our lives, or at least attempt to make it more bearable. Some people escape from reality with books or internet. Others do it with hours at the gym or gossip. Reality TV is the most popular way for people to escape these days. What is your fix?

M&Ms in a pill bottle.

Candy cigarettes. We learned that they burn and char quite quickly like marshmallows.

She wasn't fond of the candy, but super stoked about the Sprite!

Big League Chew bubble gum. She spit it out and handed the bag to me. I really like bubble gum, but chewing it is not "lady like".

Can you guess what the powdered sugar was supposed to represent? My model had fun getting messy.

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