Getting closer to the "Big Leagues"

So, I know I should have posted on the 19th when I did my first big event for Microsoft (program users group), but I have been so busy. Can you say "star struck"? OMGoodness! Ok, so I know it wasn't the biggest deal, but any affiliation with a big name like that is super awesome! They used my photo on their website the next day and also in their newsletter! Exclamation points!!! Here is the link to the discussion forum post

That's right, I am going to be proud of this moment.

Pretty little bow...or not.

Sometimes my little clients don't want to cooperate and that is fine, because life isn't perfect.

 I know parents want the kids to behave and smile pretty for the camera, but then we would miss out on those moments where the child is acting, well, like a child!
I mention this because I recently had a family shoot where half-way into it, the little girl melted down. (I want to remind you that I have an Autistic son, so I am no stranger to melt downs.) Her mother was so upset with this behavior, after all it was ruining the "perfect" family photo session. I assured her that even though she was upset at the moment, she would appreciate the photos I took of the tantrum later. When she reviewed her images, she not only appreciated the images, she said  "We love them all! Even the ones where she is crying. You were right. My favorite is the one where the three of us are posing and she is off to the side, love it!"
I guess that is my job after all. Not only to capture what the client says they want, but what they really want and will love. Even if it isn't perfect.

Fighting Brides

Last night I had a back and forth with 2 brides over wedding photography on October 20th this year. It was first-come-first-served and the first bride made sure to schedule her consultation on Tuesday. The second bride offered to pay her deposit today, but I wouldn't have that. I try to keep things fair as possible. The first bride had the advantage of having her mother be the corespondent. Mothers of the brides (MOBs) can be ruthless, lol. I have to say, it feels good to be wanted and fought over.

Military Honor

I recently did a newborn shoot for a baby who's daddy is serving as a Marine in Afghanistan.
Mommy loved the photos so much she just invited me to photograph her husband's homecoming!
I am not sure if I will be able to do it as of yet, but I am still honored that she asked.