It's the Most wonderful time of the year!

Halloween is a time to be creative, become someone else, celebrate the lives of our loved ones past, and officially celebrate the end of Summer. I have always felt like I didn't fit in, but on Halloween, it doesn't matter because everyone is odd on that day. My way of thinking and creating images is outside the lines, but it is my process and I love it. Here are the blog links to some of my favorite oddities:

Zombie Engagement Shoot.
Pet Funeral

I hope to add a couple more Candy Zombies to my list as well so my daughter's image isn't all alone.

This is what children become the morning after some serious Trick-or-Treating.

These photos won't be see on my Bright Photography Facebook Fan Page but they will be seen on my new fan page for fun and creative projects Janus Roscuro Facebook Fan Page.

Have a safe and happy Halloween/ Samhain/ Dia de los Muertos!