TP Nativity

My kids really enjoyed this project.
You can find the info in this project at:

Logan always sticks out his tongue when he is performing a task.

Family Tree

My parents have picture ornaments of some family members who have passed away. Some are really old photos, some more recent. Here are a few.

Here she is! Gosh I love my peanut!

I took the photos in the hospital and I designed the announcement.

Logan Graduated Preschool!

 This last picture was taken with my phone. I brought my camera but forgot my SD card.

Baby Girl

You may have noticed that I have changed my blog background once again. Amelia Rose Bright will be arriving on June 24th in the morning at Arrowhead Hospital in Glendale, Arizona. This will be my last pregnancy.

I have taken up crocheting to curb my anxiety. I hope to post some pictures of that soon. I have made many newborn hats and cocoons and even a layette blanket.

I recently did wedding photos for a young woman in Mesa and the reception in St. David. I am still editing them.

The preschool photos were crazy busy but profitable. I have been able to invest in a backdrop stand, large muslin backdrop, a strobe light kit and a Fong diffuser. I find it humorous that my husband spends more time online researching photography equipment than I do.

Other than homework I have scheduled for the next couple weeks to finish documenting production for Annie at the Valley Youth Theater. Then I have a softball team, Family, Newborn, Maternity and Beauty shots scheduled.

I am passing all of my online photography classes, so that is good news. I am currently taking Digital Image Illustration. The class will end one week before I deliver.

Sadie made it into the gifted program at her school scoring high in every category. Logan has pre-school graduation today. Clara is silly as ever. Curtis just had an amazing review at his CPA firm. I still have not gained any weight with this pregnancy.

My OB has been medically retired but the girl that is replacing him in his practice is good.

Because there are so many women in my ward having babies this season, I am conspiring to do an Anne Geddes style shoot with all of them. I am still in the planning phase of this.

Happy Dance

Lincoln Learning Center pre-school, sibling and family photos are a go for next week. The coordinator has asked for an additional 100+ order forms! Everything is moving along nicely for this event. I still need to design and print up a gift certificate for a free photo session for the art auction on the 2nd night.

School is back in session and I am taking the Photojournalism class again accompanied by Elementary Algebra. My ideas for the final for my Photojournalism class so far are to document a youth theater from auditions to opening night, or document a radio DJ behind the microphone and in public.

I just entered my 3rd trimester and all is well. We are having a girl and will name her Amelia Rose.

My son starts occupational therapy for his autism this week. My oldest daughter was accepted into the gifted program at her school.

All in all, things are looking good. I pray they will continue in this upward direction.

Taking the good with the bad.

So, I have been very sick this week, and so has my family. For some reason many people are getting sick and it is lingering. Due to this illness I have fallen behind in my school work, so I had to withdraw from my class and re-start it next session.

Good news time! I will be doing pre-school photos at Lincoln Learning Center and I have a wedding scheduled for May.

New Class

I am now taking a Photojournalism class! I am very excited. I passed my last class with a 75% and I aced my first math placement test. If I can pass my next math placement test, then I will only have to take college algebra. That will be the last math class I will ever have to take!

The pregnancy is going well. I am 5 months along and we are having a girl. Still trying to figure out names.

I couldn't find enough people interested in going out to Schenpf Farms for the Peach Blossom Festival to do photos. I did however get a referal from my sister-in-law and just did that family's photos at Papago Park by the Phoenix Zoo.

Today is a randomly windy and rainy day in the valley.

Tickled Pink!

So we took out a loan and the company called us as a reminder to come in and make a payment. One minute later the same girl calls me to schedule a family photo session! ROFL I love my job!

On another note. I will not be doing the 365 project any more. I keep falling behind, maybe next year I will do a 52 project, :-) I will be updating this blog to reflect the change.

I think I can, I think I can

This 365 thing is difficult. I need to try taking the photos during the day and not right before bed.

Awesome News Alert!
My current Art Institute class requires me to take many photos. I had to come up with 4 themes. I figured that since I live right by the Goodyear Ballpark that hosts the Reds and Indians in Spring Training and a small airport, that I should at least ask if I can do photos at those locations. I am stoked to announce that I have permission from both locations and the ball park is going to ask the team reps if I can get a media pass to take photos of the players!

Elopement Wedding Reception

Today I photographed a wedding reception for a friend who eloped in November.
The whole situation was a little odd. I did not know that people who eloped had receptions.
I was under the impression that people who elope don't want the big party.

Sometimes they just fall into my lap!

While at Chick-fil-A this morning, I socialized with a gentleman who was also there with his little boy. I say also because I had my younger 2 with  me. He saw my camera and after talking a bit about photography and showing him some of my work he asked me to do head shots for him. (Way cool!) When I got back home I checked my Facebook Fan Page. I had a new message on my wall from a DJ/MC who happens to be a member of my new ward. I have not met many people yet, so the fact that someone has looked up my work and contacted me is pretty awesome. He said he wants to network with me and will see if the wedding he is doing needs a photographer. I must be doing something right to have these good things happen.

Free Breakfast!

Today I tried the new Spicy Chicken Biscuit for FREE! They are running a promotion to let people know about their newest product by offering the Spicy Chicken Biscuit to those who make a reservation online and print the coupon. This new breakfast item will be available for purchase in a couple days. I enjoyed it, and if anyone wants something spicy for breakfast, it is a win for sure.