Logan Graduated Preschool!

 This last picture was taken with my phone. I brought my camera but forgot my SD card.

Baby Girl

You may have noticed that I have changed my blog background once again. Amelia Rose Bright will be arriving on June 24th in the morning at Arrowhead Hospital in Glendale, Arizona. This will be my last pregnancy.

I have taken up crocheting to curb my anxiety. I hope to post some pictures of that soon. I have made many newborn hats and cocoons and even a layette blanket.

I recently did wedding photos for a young woman in Mesa and the reception in St. David. I am still editing them.

The preschool photos were crazy busy but profitable. I have been able to invest in a backdrop stand, large muslin backdrop, a strobe light kit and a Fong diffuser. I find it humorous that my husband spends more time online researching photography equipment than I do.

Other than homework I have scheduled for the next couple weeks to finish documenting production for Annie at the Valley Youth Theater. Then I have a softball team, Family, Newborn, Maternity and Beauty shots scheduled.

I am passing all of my online photography classes, so that is good news. I am currently taking Digital Image Illustration. The class will end one week before I deliver.

Sadie made it into the gifted program at her school scoring high in every category. Logan has pre-school graduation today. Clara is silly as ever. Curtis just had an amazing review at his CPA firm. I still have not gained any weight with this pregnancy.

My OB has been medically retired but the girl that is replacing him in his practice is good.

Because there are so many women in my ward having babies this season, I am conspiring to do an Anne Geddes style shoot with all of them. I am still in the planning phase of this.