Why so serious?

So, back when the camera was first invented and people started having their photo taken, they had to stay very still and didn't smile.

This is an old family photo, I can't remember who all is there, but you can see that it is kind of a theme. The reason they did this was due to a mechanism that is still in cameras today. That part of the camera that makes the "click" sound is the shutter. It is the part that opens and closes really quick to let light (the photo part of photography) into the camera. Anyway back then the shutter was not automatic and the plate with the light sensitive chemicals on it (no film yet) needed to be exposed for 3 seconds at least.

I took this photo of my hubby a couple years ago just for fun. This is what happens if you move with the shutter open, you get a blur. So of course most photos from the early 1900's have lots of somber faces. 

Well, I just found some Victorian Era photos online of people who were not afraid to crack a silly smile for the camera. These are my favorites found at Vintage Everyday. They are part of a family collection held at Northumberland Archives.

Don't be afraid to be yourself for the camera. Be silly, you know I will be silly behind the camera.