Prom Paparazzi Winner, Her Essay, and Photos (of course)

My name is Rose, I am a student here at Agua Fria. I just started attending this school at the beginning of the semester and at first I didn’t know anyone since I came from a different state. After my first few days here though I noticed that the students here are all very nice and I have not personally seen any form of bullying here. It appears that all the students are connected and all together supportive of each other. If we had a way to show our support of a good cause such as anti-bullying the vast majority of the school would show this support together.
We can show our support in different ways, my proposed way is something smalls and should be easy to obtain. As a symbol for anti-bullying encouragement I would be willing to hand make support bracelets. It would be a non-verbal way to say that the person wearing it is against bullying and wants a change. This small start is one step forward towards a bigger goal to raise awareness. These bracelets would be sold through the schools for a very small profit, with a paper explaining what the bracelet represents attached. The profits could go to an organization for teens such as a Boys and Girls club. This all may not sound like much at first but if even 100 people buy a bracelet, that is a start and more kids would hear about this thru the grapevine, plus those hundred kids would have just helped give $100 to the Boys and Girls club or whatever organization needs it. Little things can make a change.


Sweet Salon donated hair and make-up services

A corsage was donated by Thompson's Flower Shop

And her beautiful dress was donated by Molina Bridal

...And of course Bright Photography was there to capture it all, even the Prom!
I am so happy to have made a new friend and I can't wait to do this all again next year! Congratulations again Rose, you are awesome!