They really like me!

I just got an email yesterday from the guys over at How to be a Dad in which, well, I will let you read it.

Hey Danielle,
          A friend shared a link to your series of adults eating as babies and I ruptured something from laughing so hard. Amaaaaaaaaazing. I'd love to feature them on my partner Charlie's and my site,, or on our Babble Voices platform. We're really sensitive to crediting and linking, so that would happen of course.
What say you? Can I please? Pretty please pretty p!ease pretty p!ease?! ;)
P.S. I have cherries to put on top of my pretty pleases and I'm not afraid to use them.

So, yeah, I am pretty stoked. I can't wait to work on my other projects and get them out there for all of you to enjoy the silliness that is in my head.

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