Mommy So Pretty!

One of my favorite memories was of a time when my mother let my brother and I do her hair and make-up. It was a rare treat to play with colors and relay our creative abilities onto her willing canvas, a.k.a her face.
Children have so much love for their mothers and beam with pride whenever they share their drawings.  I came up with this concept a while ago and as it is Mother's Day weekend, I thought the timing would be perfect. I sent out a message on Facebook and invited all women with children ages 2-5 to come to my house for a special photo shoot. I informed them that they need not do their hair or make-up as that would be done for them before the photo. I carefully avoided telling them until they arrived that their own precious toddler would be their make-up artist and hair stylist. While reactions ranged from welcome to apprehensive, all the moms stayed and had a fun time watching their children make them so pretty. I have included the documentary photos as well as the portraits to this blog. 

Mr D. took a while warming up to playing with the make-up. But once he did, it was wonderful. He chose to put a tiara on his Mommy.

Since this little guy is the only boy in his family, he doesn't get too many opportunities to do fun make-up stuff with Mommy. This was a great bonding activity. Look at the focus on his face!

Miss M. focused much of her artistic attention to only one side of her Mommy's face. Still so pretty!

My friends were complaining that I wasn't getting a make-over, so I joined in the fun with my youngest daughter. She wanted to put make-up on herself almost as much as she wanted to do put it on me. I am pretty good at directing a shot, but I am so awkward in front of the camera. My sweet husband helped take my photo.

Some of the Mommies chose to reciprocate the love by putting make-up on their children. Note: There really is no way to pose a toddler, I just have to shoot and pray that I got a good shot. Sometimes toddlers give me the best poses like the one below. 

This poor Mommy was doubly decorated, as both her little girls participated in making her so pretty. The hair style is great too!

I made sure that the children wore large shirts so they didn't get any make-up on their clothes, and sheets on the Mommies for the same reason. Looks like the sheet was slipping in this shot. 

The stylish Mommy is wearing green eyeshadow on her forehead and blue mascara this season. At least that is what Miss H. had in mind for her favoritest Mommy ever. 

Miss A. believes that it is all about vertical line patterns. One must also apply every shade in the lipstick pallet directly to the cheeks

I am so grateful for the wonderful participants for this project. It was so much fun!
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