Phoenix Comicon 2014 was AWESOME!!!!

This year was my second time attending Phoenix Comicon, and my first time as an official volunteer photographer or Contog. I was able to attend all 4 days and I had a blast. Here are some of my favorites!

Ace Ventura

John Barrowman (Doctor Who and Torchwood) signing autographs

Random man enjoying a comic book in the exhibitor hall.

Doctor Who Cosplayers

Duct tape costume contest Wookiee. (Yes, I had to look that up to see if I was spelling it right)

Disturbing dark figure on the escalator.

Hipster Ariel

Iron Man / Tony Stark

Jayne and Kaylee from Firefly

Moon Mermaid, her friend the Kraken, and an unfortunate pirate.

Lego Build-Off contestant

Superman and Deadpool battle with lightsabers.

Mermaid lounging at the outdoor lagoon.

Ninjas resting in the lobby at the Hyatt.

Michael Blaney and his new card game.

Guests planning their day.

Samara, coming out of the TV (The Ring).

Joe Holt explaining what a Nerf-Herder really is.

Walking Dead, Michonne cosplay with her slave zombies.

I can't wait until next year! If you want to see more Comicon awesomeness, go to Phoenix Comicon Flickr. There you will find more of my photos, as well as those of my other Contog friends.