Pet Funeral- printing class assingment "Mood"

I am uncomfortable with death, more specifically funerals. They are far too depressing for me. I prefer weddings and family portraits. As a baby step out that mindset, I chose to do a whimsical shoot of children at a pet funeral. As we grow and mature, we realize that death is a normal part of life and pet shop rodents are easily replaced.  This collection explores the high drama of the juvenile mind. The classic black is the cohesive element, but the style choices of the children are highly individualized as is appropriate for their age group. The setting is a community park and playground. Each image has been given a dark vignette to make the colors more bold and the blacks darker, which add to the theme of whimsical sadness.

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  1. Amazing write up, i completely agree with you. Our pet always becomes a family member and is treated like one of us.