Today, the terrible happened...

I realized that I accidentally double-booked a quinceanera and a wedding on the same day at the same time. I have been praying hard on this one. The bride had a garage sale to afford wedding photos has been through a hand full of photographers and sought  me out. The quinceanera was booked first and is a referral from a friend. Either way I choose, someone is not going to be happy with me. This is an industry faux pas, and I have been kicking myself over it. I make it a goal of mine to never leave a client stranded. If I cannot provide services for any reason, I make sure someone can. Right now I am searching for a photographer that does work comparable to my own, that I can trust to provide great customer service and will do the shoot for the price I have quoted.

Here and now, I vow to never, ever, EVER let this happen again. My clients deserve better and I don't need the added stress.

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