Update- Giving is Awesome Winner Announced!

Here is the winning entry-

I am writing to nominate a family for the free portraits. I am a 911 dispatch supervisor for the Snowflake-Taylor Police Dept. in Snowflake AZ  I have a woman by the name of Summer pierce who works for me. Summer is married and has 3 children a girl 13 and 2 boys Jake who is now 7, he was diagnosed with leukemia 3 years ago and her husband had his own business but because of the economy had to file for bankruptcy. He has not had work since then. He has stayed home with the kids while Summer works full time. During the 3 years since Jake was diagnosed summer has continued to work full time while running back and forth the 300 miles to Phoenix children's hospital. at first it was twice a week and then once a month. They did not have a real good vehicle at the time but somehow always made it. they have since been able to get a better vehicle. She has also been home teaching her children at the same time, since Jake could not go to school for fear of getting sick. she is one of the strongest woman I know. she has done all of this without ever complaining about any of it. she is also one of nicest people I know. she would do anything to help anyone who needs help. she loves her family so very much and I know she would love to have some wonderful pictures of her family. Jake is now off of chemo and is doing well. He only has to go for checkups every 6 months. 

Congratulations Summer!

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